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As our mothers get older they take up activities to stay busy. Some take up golf or photography, others knit or do needlepoint. My incredibly talented mother takes her vintage Chanel handbags and “Bedazzles” them with the finest Swarovski Crystals. While this process of hand-glueing each one looks like a painstakingly process, my fabulous mother says it’s a labor of love for “my baby on her birthday”.  So as I approach my birthday this weekend I have already received the best gift of all. A bag with a history that my mom wore for 25 years and is now made incredibly new, fresh and fabulous for me to make my own history with. I love you my mommy…






So I’m really not sure why I haven’t blogged in a while…I haven’t had ‘blogger’s block’ as I have so many things to say and share throughout the day.  It’s just the act of sitting down to the computer and actually doing it. It’s like a mental block for me (like how most of you feel about going through your closet and just ‘editing’ it and getting rid of the old). But I’m putting it out there in the universe to blog more often.

So here a few of my fav things that have been in my head to share with you…

Yurbuds1Yur Buds (  I have always been a runner but thanks to these earphones I’m going to do a half marathon in a few weeks because I can listen to Pandora (Today’s Hits, Rhianna Radio and Rap Strength Training are my stations) nonstop without my earphones coming out. The most annoying thing in the world is when your headphones keep coming out and you stop running. These don’t move at all. Finally! Amazeballs.


Then there are the running compression sock sleeve things. ( I can honestly say when I wear these I’m not sore. When I forget to wear them, my shins are sore and so are my calves.  Who would have thought these things would actually work? They totally work. Totes.

IMG_0383Everyone who knows me knows I’m a very healthy eater…Although I still manage to eat gross things like those disgusting Cadbury eggs (not the minis..the minis in the purple bag are ridic good) I’m talking the big egg with the gross middle that I say how gross it is every year while I’m eating it and manage to finish it and feel so gross afterwards. Regardless of my slip ups I am healthy eater. So my new obsession for the last few months has been kale.  I know it’s everywhere and is so last year’s ‘it’ vegetable. But I’m still totally obsessed and am finding new ways to eat it everyday. I put it in my protein shake every morning (raw and takes on the flavor of my protein powder or banana). I sauté it with a little lemon oil and red pepper flakes. I make kale chips sprinkled with parmesan cheese (my 3 year old  is obsessed..literally take kale and sprinkle with cheese (or nutritional yeast if I’m in a no dairy mood) and then spray with olive oil…bake for like 10 min and then broil for about 2). Brad’s raw kale chips, or even the cocoa flavored kale. Anything kale!!

So now that we’ve exercised and we are eating well it’s time to get out of winter hibernation and get our gorgeous butts out there and show the world how fabulous we are. Go exfoliate get a spray tan. Get a coral colored pedi.  Get a new fabulous leather jacket that screams Spring. Go edit your closet by donating 10 items (especially to make room for new spring/summer items).  No more excuses to not look and feel our best.

And I promise to blog.

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